The Illustrated Birds of Prey The Ultimate Reference Guide for Bird Lovers, Woodcarvers, and Artists. Denny Rogers, Lori Corbett (Illustrator), John Strutt (Foreword by) Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company, Incorporated Pub. Date: July 2007 ISBN-13: 9781565233102 Sales Rank: 187,091 288pp $34.95 BNN 31.45 For the first time in a single volume, renowned illustrator, sculptor, woodcarver, and wildlife enthusiast Denny Rogers presents his detailed and celebrated drawings of distinguished birds of prey. Based on the author's extensive research of live raptors, The Illustrated Birds of Prey features 200 meticulous and anatomically accurate drawings that capture each magnificent bird in multiple poses from every angle and in minute detail - while documenting their natural behavior and fierce predatory nature. Inside you'll find: 47 drawings of the large red-tailed hawk, the most familiar hawk in North America 65 drawings of the peregrine falcon, the world's fastest bird with diving speeds of up to 200 mph 87 drawings of the American kestrel, considered the most colorful predator bird in the world Proportion charts for adapting each drawing to various sizes You'll also discover comprehensive line drawings of flight and contour feathers, exclusive color charts created by award winning bird carver Lori Corbett, and a gorgeous gallery of artistic interpretations of the raptors by some of the world's finest artists. No wildlife artist, woodcarver, or sculptor, should be without this complete, one-of-a-kind resource! 288 pgs., soft cover. ------------------- Illustrated Bald Eagle Denny Rogers Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company, Incorporated Pub. Date: May 2006 ISBN-13: 9781565232846 Sales Rank: 314,663 79pp Written with the artist or sculptor in mind, this painstakingly detailed reference to the bald eagle covers the anatomy of the bird down to a feather. Exact anatomical sketches—done in multiple dimensions, from various angles, and in many different postures—provide a visual study unmatched by other references. Some drawings focus specifically on one part of the bird, such as a single contour feather, while other portraits show the whole animal in motion—soaring, diving, and perching. Color charts of the top and underside of the bird and a gallery of award-winning interpretations of the bald eagle round out the collection, making it an enduring source of inspiration for artists. ------------------- American Chestnut: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Perfect Tree by Susan Freinkel Hardcover Pub. Date: November 2007 ISBN-13: 9780520247307 Sales Rank: 27,879 294pp You could fill a library with paeans to the American elm, but far less has been written about the American chestnut, which dominated forests from Georgia to Maine until a virulent fungus brought it to near-extinction in the early 20th century. Few humans bore witness to the decimation of the chestnut: now this absorbing book gives the majestic tree its due, combining science, history, and environmental polemic to explain both the tree's demise and the surprisingly touching efforts of a devoted band of scientists to bring it back to life. The blight gained entry on chestnuts imported from Asia, wiping out billions of trees in a single generation. The disappearance of the chestnut was a blow to animals and people alike: its nuts sustained an abundance of wildlife, and its timber and bark formed the backbone of the Appalachian economy. Devotees of the tree employ various methods to battle the blight, including controversial bioengineering technology, with little success to date; still, they slog on. "I am continually moved by the patience and undying optimism of the chestnut scientists I've met," author Susan Freinkel writes. "In their own way, they are as resolute as the tree itself." --Barbara Spindel More Reviews and Recommendations Synopsis "In prose as strong and quietly beautiful as the American chestnut itself, Susan Freinkel profiles the silent catastrophe of a near-extinction and the impassioned struggle to bring a species back from the brink. Freinkel is a rare hybrid: equally fluid and in command as a science writer and a chronicler of historical events, and graced with the poise and skill to seamlessly graft these talents together. A perfect book."--Mary Roach, author of Stiff and Spook "A spellbinding, heart wrenching, and uplifting account of the American chestnut that asks the vastly important question: Have we learned enough, and do we care enough, to begin healing some of the wounds we've inflicted on the natural world?"--Scott Weidensaul, author of Return to Wild America and Mountains of the Heart "This is a beautifully-written account of the passing of one of the botanical wonders of the North American landscape, the American chestnut tree, which was nearly extirpated by a plague that entered the ecosystem and swept these great trees away. Freinkel, a gifted writer whose research is impeccable and whose reporting is topnotch, tells of the impassioned work of scientists over the past century and up to today, trying to bring the American chestnut back from the brink of extinction. Only a person in love with trees could have written this lovely book." --Richard Preston, author of The Hot Zone and The Wild Trees "Graceful, provocative, and inspiring. Thoreau would be proud."-- Alan Burdick, author of Out of Eden, a 2005 National Book Award finalist "In this beautifully written volume, Susan Freinkel ably describes the marriage of scienceand passion that is being brought to bear to save this majestic American tree from extinction. The people whose ancestors lived among chestnut trees and their places come alive for the reader, as does the appearance and spread of the blight and the heroes who are struggling with it today. The book concludes with a tantalizing vision of chestnuts in the forests again--a thought of making the world right where it has gone wrong."--Peter H. Raven, Director of the Missouri Botanical Garden Publishers Weekly In the first years of the 20th century, a mysterious blight began to infect the majestic American chestnut trees of the east. Thirty years later, as many as four billion had been felled by a virulent scourge from Asia, sweeping like a relentless wildfire through forests from Maine to Georgia. Freinkel's enthralling synthesis of science and sentiment chronicles the devastating impact of the chestnut tree's precipitous disappearance on generations of hardscrabble Appalachian homesteaders, who lost a "flavorful nugget of nutrition" that got their families through bitter winters, and on flummoxed but determined botanists, who battled with politicians in the early 1900s about the best way to halt the blight's inexorable advance. As the presence of towering stands of "the perfect tree" faded into melancholic memory, she shows that resolute citizens and scientists have set out, with almost religious fervor, to resurrect the dead-with signs of success. Detailed explanations of the science of crossbreeding, "hypovirulence" (fighting disease by "infecting the infection") and genetic engineering often make for heavy if informative slogging. But time after time, this impassioned book strikes resonant emotional chords that transform dry facts into dynamic prose. (Nov.) Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information More Reviews and Recommendations Biography Susan Freinkel is a freelance science journalist whose feature writing has appeared in Discover, Health, Smithsonian, and the Reader's Digest, among many national magazines. ----------------- Mighty Giants: An American Chestnut Anthology by Chris Bolgiana (Editor), Glenn Novak (Contribution by), Bill McKibben (Foreword by) Pub. Date: December 2007 ISBN-13: 9781884592485 Sales Rank: 153,863 296pp paper Mighty Giants: An American Chestnut Anthology is the inspiring story of an American symbol and the struggle to save it from the brink of extinction, the saga of a unique and exceptional tree that supported a way of life, that fed and sheltered our ancestors, and "touched almost every phase of our existence." From Indians and early explorers, to colonists, naturalists, loggers, industrialists, and beyond, from presidents, poets, and artists, including Jefferson, Lincoln, Carter, Thoreau, Frost, Homer, Andrew Wyeth, and many more, the story of our once mighty, towering native chestnut tree is a lesson for our times. It is ultimately a story of how people, working together, can harness the power of community, scientific knowledge, and our growing awareness of the workings of nature to make a difference. Mighty Giants: An American Chestnut Anthology tells, in images and words, the story of the once mighty monarch of the eastern forests and the scientists who engaged in the struggle against "one of the greatest natural disasters in the history of forest biology"-perhaps the deadliest plant blight ever encountered. It is the story of the dedicated few who refused who give up: the fearless plant explorer who tracked down the blight in war-torn China, the plant pathologists and geneticists who labored long and valiantly to understand the blight and find a way to thwart it. It is also a story of hope, of small but vital triumphs, as the secrets of the American chestnut and its deadly nemesis are gradually revealed. • Chestnut scenes from artists such as Winslow Homer, Seneca Ernie Smith, Andrew Wyeth, Charles Burchfield, and a generous selection of seldom-seen photographs ofAmerican chestnut throughout its history. • "Chestnuts in my Life" by Jimmy Carter. • Poems by Wendell Berry and Robert Frost. • Chestnut folklore and anecdotes, including reminiscences from southern Appalachia to New England, along with historical newspaper chronicles of the tree before, during, and after the blight. • Chestnut reflections by plant geneticist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Norman Borlaug, father of the "Green Revolution." • Colorful accounts of railroads and locomotives that logged mammoth chestnut trees in Appalachia, by Les Line, longtime editor of Audubon magazine. • Chestnut recollections and inspirations from Bill Owens, Dolly Parton's uncle, a Tennessee mountain man, musician, and champion of the tree. • Excerpts from best-selling author Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer, about a curmudgeonly chestnut breeder and his cantankerous rural Virginia neighbor. FEATURES: • A fine account of the ecological battle to bring the mighty chestnut back from the brink of extinction with the prospect of victory on the horizon. • A beautiful coffee table worthy book in full color that rewards both browsers and in depth readers like a fine interpretive exhibit. • A comprehensive chestnut encyclopedia: observations by early explorers; writings and memories from the 19th and early 20th centuries; and reports on the most recent scientific research. • A picture of the multipurpose chestnut that once dominated the US Eastern Forest with wood for timber, nuts as food for humans and wild life, and a rural cash crop - and the extent of its loss when all but an isolated few of the 2 billion trees were decimated by blight. Copublished with The American Chestnut Foundation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the re-establishment of the American chestnut tree to its natural range. --------- The Mystery Shopper's Manual: How to Get Paid to Shop in Your Favorite Stores, Eat in Your Favorite Restaurants, and More! by Cathy Stucker Publisher: Special Interests Publishing Pub. Date: September 2004 ISBN-13: 9781888983302 Sales Rank: 104,718 254pp Edition Description: Expanded and Updated Edition Edition Number: 6 paper If you arte looking for a flexible, fun way to make extra money, mystery shopping may be for you! You can get paid to shop, eat in restaurants, get your hair cut, go to the movies and more … and Cathy Stucker will show you how. This newly updated and expanded edition of the industry-favorite guide is jammed with tips and insider knowledge from mystery shopping companies. Both beginners and experienced mystery shoppers will become better, more successful shoppers with the information in this manual, including: Why businesses are willing to pay you to shop. A step-by-step plan to get started. Who hires mystery shoppers and how to contact them. What to do—and not to do—when working with mystery shopping companies. Tips for shopping "undercover" without being discovered. What you should say in your reports and how to say it. How to get more mystery shopping assignments and how to get the best assignments. ............. How to Become a Mystery Shopper: The Only Book You'll Ever Need! by Elaine Moran Publisher: Mystery Shoppers Training Group Pub. Date: January 2006 ISBN-13: 9780977736508 Sales Rank: 218,905 143pp paper ISBN-13: 9780977736508 Have you ever worked in an industry that uses mystery shoppers? Are you a business manager interested in setting up a mystery shopping program? Have you been curious about mystery shopping? Would you like to become a secret shopper? ............. Mystery Shopping Made Simple: How To Earn Good Money By Shopping, Dining Out, and More! by Ilisha Newhouse, Jo Anna Larson (Illustrator), Jo Anna Larson (Illustrator) Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The Pub. Date: April 2004 ISBN-13: 9780071440028 Sales Rank: 196,904 224pp ISBN-13: 9780071440028 How to start a new career as a mystery shopper--immediately! "Mystery shopping ranks among the most popular not-for-credit evening courses, rivaling computer-skills and wine-tasting classes." --The Seattle Times In Mystery Shopping Made Simple, you will learn to take advantage of the mystery shopper opportunities available in virtually every city in the United States and abroad! Successful mystery shopper and a leading industry authority, Dr. Ilisha Newhouse tells you how to break into the business and find the kinds of mystery assignments you want, in apparel, auto repair, real estate, restaurants, hotels, and many other industries. Step-by-step, she shows you how to: Connect with the mystery shopping companies in their areas Create shopping presentations and fill out evaluation forms Comply with all industry-related business law Prepare for KASST, a Mystery Shopper Certification test offered by the National Center for Professional Mystery Shoppers Dr. Ilisha S. Newhouse teaches a popular course on mystery shopping. Additionally, she is on the board of education for the National Association of Professional Mystery Shoppers, and serves as a freelance writer for the NCPMS as well as the Under Cover Shopper newsletter. She lives in Chandler, Arizona. Biography Dr. Ilisha S. Newhouse teaches a popular course on mystery shopping. Additionally, she is on the board of education for the National Association of Professional Mystery Shoppers, and serves as a freelance writer for the NCPMS as well as the Under Cover Shopper newsletter. She lives in Chandler, Arizona. DVD's Hearst Castle: Building the Dream Director: Bruce Neibaur UPC: 063390097906 1. Hearst Castle [3:28] 2. George Hearst [3:24] 3. Camp Hill [3:35] 4. Grand Tour [5:59] 5. Imagining the Dream [2:04] 6. Building the Dream [6:45] 7. Vision Realized [2:03] 8. Comes to Life [7:06] 9. Quite a Story [2:44] 10. Credits [1:33] Scene Index View Trailer Editorial Reviews William Randolph Hearst built a fortune in the newspaper industry. He then invested a great deal of that fortune to create his dream estate on the California coast. Hearst Castle: Building the Dream explores the ins and outs of what many consider the most luxurious estate ever built. Director Bruce Neibaur has compiled 51 minutes of film detailing Hearst's personal history and the influences that caused him to build such a place. Borrowing heavily from the great castles of Europe, Hearst employed many classic motifs in the design of his masterpiece. Narrator John Gavigan leads this virtual tour. ................. Castles of Scotland 2 Disc Set Learn More UPC: 066805307157 Bonus program -- "Scotland: The Edge of the Land," an aerial journey along Scotland's Wester coastline Full Product Details Scene Index Side #1 -- The Castles of Scotland, Disc 1 1. Play Program [:20] 2. The Castle [6:12] 3. Fort George [2:44] 4. Stirling Castle [6:35] 5. Restorations [8:59] 1. Play Program [:20] 2. Eilean Donan Castle [3:31] 3. A Potent Reminder [4:00] 4. Edinburgh Castle [6:45] 5. Monument & Museum [8:27] 1. Play Program [:20] 2. Castle Levan [6:02] 3. A Fortified Dwelling [2:22] 4. Glamis Castle [5:25] 5. The Regal Interior [9:11] Side #2 -- The Castles of Scotland, Disc 2 1. Play Program [:20] 2. Fort George [6:56] 3. Georgian Symmetry [6:35] 4. Caerlaverock Castle [4:30] 5. Renaissance Style [6:25] 1. Play Program [:20] 2. Fyvie Castle [7:05] 3. Mixed Décor [7:54] 4. Castle Fraser [4:23] 5. Clans' Furnishings [5:07] 1. Play Program [:20] 2. Kinloch Castle [5:34] 3. Baronial Splendor [6:30] 4. Culzean Castle [6:48] 5. Georgian Elegance [4:45] ................ Ancient Mysteries: Lost Castles of England UPC: 733961752816 Scene Index Disc #1 -- Lost Castles of England 1. Hen Domen: The Old Mound [11:09] 2. 1066 [9:06] 3. Domesday [6:37] 4. Every Man's Castle [7:16] 5. Timber to Stone [10:15] 6. Credits [1:21] Scene Index View Trailer Editorial Reviews Perhaps nothing better represents the royalty and romance of medieval England than the image of the majestic stone castle, its fortified towards reaching skyward and its drawbridge stretching over a deep and treacherous moat. Not all castles in the English countryside were constructed of stone and mortar though, and long before the Fuedal-era the architects of the Middle Ages were constructing similarly impressive fortifications with nothing more than earth and timber. Though strategically constructed to withstand powerful attack, these massive structures were much more susceptible to the elements than their stone counterparts, and to this day barely a trace of the once majestic castles still exists. Thanks to the tireless efforts of dedicated historians and archeologists, however, viewers curious to delve a bit deeper into the mystery of these forerunners to the stone citadels so familiar to modern history buffs can finally explore the origins of inspiration for these remarkable structures.